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Gift card

Bachelorette Party

A gift card for a bachelorette party for the bride-to-be. In this gift card, it means that the person receiving this gift card can book a make-up session for their bachelorette party at any time without having to pay after the make-up is done. Or that you who buy the gift card book in advance and surprise him on the day the hen party is held.

You can book me in for photo shoots, parties and other fun. Just let me know where to show up.

The gift card includes 60 min makeup application, false eyelashes and light hair styling (light curls or simple set-up)

You buy a gift card by ordering it via the contact form below, you can also add a personal message by writing it in the info box, you can send it directly to the person in question by email by entering their email in the info box.

Important to know before your purchase: 

The gift card is sent out in person and not via a computer and may take an hour or so before it is sent. The same applies to payment, if the payment takes place via invoice and is also sent out in person and not via a computer, if you pay via Swish, a receipt will be sent to your email! (You can find the swish number and QR code here) Postal address is needed when sending an invoice, if the payment does not take place we can send a physical invoice to your home. Order confirmation is sent out at once.

Please keep an eye on the trash can if your order confirmation happens to end up there.


Price: SEK 3,000 including VAT & travel fee within Stockholm County

Vi har mottagit ditt mail!

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